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Company Mission Statement

To help people who feel empty, frustrated or stuck in their professional or personal lives to articulate a vision as to what they'd love their lives to look like, and then coach them through a bespoke process to help them realise their goals and turn their vision into reality.

Kenneth Bannister (Kenn) founded Continual Edge Limited in 2019. He is the Company CEO and Principal Coach.

He served as a British Army officer from 1992 to 2019, specialising in armoured warfare and reconnaissance. He has extensive experience in command, leadership and management, as well as a unique background in psychology.

His service culminated in 2019 following his successful tenure as an Instructor and Executive Officer at the UK’s world-leading Joint Services Command and Staff College.

He studied at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Royal Military College of Science (Cranfield University), Defence Intelligence School, NATO School, US Air Force Special Operations School, Joint Services Command and Staff College, Defence Leadership Centre, Open University, King’s College London and University of Portsmouth.

Kenn is a Chartered Manager (CMgr), Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI) and Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (FInstLM). He holds four Masters degrees, including an MSc in Leadership and Management, an MA in Business and Computer Studies and an MSc in Engineering Project Management. He is also a certified Higher Education Trainer, Training Supervisor, Mentor and Coach.


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Leadership Ethos

The Continual Edge leadership ethos mirrors that of Britain's internationally-renowned leadership academy of excellence, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; that is, leadership is an act of service. Indeed, ‘Serve to Lead’ is the academy's motto. This servant leadership philosophy is well-suited to leading professional, highly-trained and motivated individuals. Leading these world-class people is seen both as an honour and a privilege, and the leader ever strives to ensure that each and every individual, team and unit under their command becomes the best version of themselves. In the servant leadership context, one-on-one, team and unit coaching plays a crucial role.

Coaching Philosophy

Executive Support is about helping the busy corporate Client to make profound and lasting changes in their work and personal life. It is achieved within a confidential and safe space that allows the Client to reflect, prioritise requirements, set clear goals, develop robust plans and take direct action in order to reach their full potential – all with 24/7 on-call support.


Personal Coaching focuses on personal betterment. It is achieved via a close working partnership between the Coach and the Client based upon absolute trust, utmost respect and unyielding support. The areas of betterment are many, but broadly fall under the banners of: relationships (work, friends, family, partners etc), health and well-being (those areas within the Client’s control), academic and career support, ambition (personal growth, enhanced self-esteem, maximising potential) and life (aka bucket list) goals.

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